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Weishalla accepted into Air Force Academy

Kaija Weishalla (at left) was on the phone with Congressman Collin Peterson and received the news she was accepted into the Air Force Academy.

by Trinity Gruenberg

Christmas came early for one Bertha-Hewitt student who was patiently waiting to hear if she would be accepted into the prestigious Air Force Academy.

Kaija Weishalla started the process at the end of July and just completed it at the beginning of December.

“It is a very rigorous process. There are a couple of medical exams that need to be done, a physical fitness test, several teacher evaluations, recommendation letters, and also the regular college application forms,” explained Weishalla.

She appreciated the help from Mr. Hanson, Mr. Koep, Pastor Jason Knoll, Mrs. Taylor, Ms. Schultz, and Professor Flynn for taking the time to fill out forms and recommendations for her.

The school was notified of Weishalla’s acceptance to the academy and decided to make it a surprise and get the entire school involved.



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