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Welcome to Bertha-Hewitt Ms. K

by Trinity Gruenberg

Bertha-Hewitt School’s new principal Dessica Komestakes is elated to be back in the area.

Komestakes was the principal at Eagle Valley before the school closed its doors.

“I left a piece of my heart in Eagle Valley and that’s what drew me back here,” said Komestakes.

She felt Eagle Valley was the perfect fit for her and fulfilling. She loves small towns and the sense of community you feel.

She was looking for a change when she saw the position open at Bertha-Hewitt.

“I don’t know if I would have interviewed had I not had the experience that I had in Eagle Valley right down the road,” she explained.

She added that Bertha-Hewitt and Freshwater were supportive of the school as Eagle Valley shifted from K-12 to K-6 and began to dissolve. The genuine, positive relationships she formed with them at that time left lasting connections.

As Komestakes received a tour around the school, she saw Custodian Devin Perish, former Eagle Valley student, who was wearing an Eagle Valley shirt. She took it as a sign this was where she was meant to be. . .



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