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Wolves are being seen across the state

by Trinity Gruenberg

Many farmers know that wolves are in the area, and there is much concern about how to deal with the predators while keeping their animals safe.

Miles Kuschel, with the Minnesota Farm Bureau, is a member of the Wolf Plan Advisory Committee with the MnDNR, and they are revising the wolf plan from 2001.

He explained the 2001 plan is good, and they are following it now as wolves have been listed and delisted many times over the years.

Minnesota has been fortunate to have always had wolves. In the ranching community, the farmers have learned to live alongside them knowing the wolves have a role to play in the ecosystem.

“I don’t have a problem with wolves who like venison. I have a problem with the ones that like beef,” said Kuschel.

As protection for wolves increases, the number of wolves is rising. And they are very territorial, which causes them to spread out even further. . .


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