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In Focus

Thanks Mother Nature for reminding us how extreme you can be.

While some of you may enjoy winter and relish in snowmobiling or ice fishing, I am not one of those people. As the temps continue to drop, I really do not want to leave the house.

Winter makes it difficult for people like me to want to do anything entertaining, even going to the movie theater. Nobody likes driving home in a cold car. Just the other night I left Browerville and my car read -18 degrees, not including the windchill. By the time I reached home, my car was just starting to feel warm.

I am not built for this weather. I am just happy my car has been starting.

The only thing I like about the extreme cold is the frost. I love waking up to see everything covered in frost and glittering in the sun. It’s so beautiful. That is really the only reason I like this cold.

Even though my house stays pretty warm, the second floor is a different story. I can feel the change in air temperature as I walk up the stairs from the cozy first floor to the ice box that is my bedroom. I’ve made a candle fireplace on my dresser just to warm it up a little bit. The space heater is amazing, but it doesn’t quite reach any of my outlets and will melt any heavy duty extension cord. So, I am not using it. I will have to bring mine home from the office.

My room gets so cold at night I have four blankets and about five cats on top of me while wearing a pair of slippers because my feet will not get warm otherwise. While I like a bit cooler temps when I sleep, the cool air definitely is not inviting when I need to crawl out from under my warm blankets. Even the cats have been sleeping downstairs or under my covers.

I’m not so patiently waiting for spring and warmer weather.

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