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A Matter of Perspective

I have taken on some new duties at the news office. In addition to writing a few articles each week and updating the e-editions and website, I will also be working at the front desk a couple of days per week.

When you call, you might get me on the phone. I will do my best to assist you in any way.

Despite having been with the newspaper for the past nearly 27 years, many things are not part of my normal day and so they will take some training for me to do them proficiently.

If you call and I put you on hold and accidentally cut you off, please call back. If I am a little slower than you are accustomed to, please show me grace because I may not know the answer and have to do some checking.

I’m kind of looking forward to the new challenges. I hope that I will be a good representative of our awesome newspaper.

In addition to these additional duties, I am continuing to work as a personal care attendant.

And of course, I continue to write for my enjoyment on my websites. I am also working on another book. One day, I will get it done. I am giving myself three months to complete this one. It has been writing itself because the subject is painfully near to my heart.

I’ll probably need some volunteers to read it once it is completed so that I can make sure it isn’t just drivel! Let me know if you would be willing to take on this task!

I think I have a couple of people who will be willing to help me and I WILL be asking for your help—Kathy!

In the meantime, I am settling in for learning new things and helping our readers and customers have the best experience they can with us.

I look forward to serving you in this additional capacity.

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