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A Matter of Perspective

We live under a broken system.

Everywhere you look you can see it. There are so many things that are broken and we keep them broken to perpetuate the broken system.

It’s funny because if we would simply fix the things that are broken, the whole thing could be fixed.

But sometimes when things are broken, it is hard to fix them. It isn’t like replacing a window which can be an easier fix. It is more like trying to fix the foundation with the house still sitting on it. You try and try, but without moving the house off of the faulty foundation, the work is long, hard, tedious, and sometimes cannot be accomplished satisfactorily.

What system am I referring to? Government, of course.

I once heard that township government is the most effective of all the government units. From what I can see, I believe that to be true. I also think that our small-town councils do a pretty good job.

We work with limited funds—because we don’t want to have to tax people out of our towns or townships. We often have mandated expenses that we have to include in our budgets even though the federal or state government that mandated the thing doesn’t help financially.

I think we can mostly agree that BIG government is broken. But why? What broke it?

Greed. Lack of care for our fellow man. Indifference.

When those things take control, well, things get broken.

I would like to put forth the charge that big government—even at the county level—begin to take a lesson or two from our smaller governments and start to fix that which has been broken. Start small and we might be surprised to see how some of the bigger things start to “fix” themselves.


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