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A Matter of Perspective

I was thinking about choices the other day. We all make choices all the time, every day. Even NOT making a choice is a form of making a choice.

But I am so thankful that there are some things I do not have to make a choice about.

I was reading an obituary (which you know that I do if you follow my column) and I was thinking about death.

I started to think about my mom and how much I still miss her. I started to think about my own death. I am hoping it won’t be for a long time but one never knows.

As I was thinking about death, I got to thinking about how I am very glad I don’t have to make that choice about when or in what manner I would die.

Although sometimes I believe people might think they want to know these details—I am very grateful that I don’t have to make these choices.

I don’t want to know when or how. If it were left up to me to choose, I would not make a choice. I would always find “just one more thing” that I needed to get done.

I would procrastinate. I would ruminate. I would try to “pass the buck” and get someone else to make the choice.

I would generally avoid making a decision at all. I would probably spend so much time trying not to make a choice that my life would be consumed by it and I would forget to live anyway.

I get to make a lot of choices in life but I am very grateful that there are some times when I do not get to make a choice.


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