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A Matter of Perspective

I am not a hoarder...

I think I could be one. I like to keep a lot of stuff. It all seems to have meaning to me.

I often watch TV shows about hoarding, just so I feel better about my own situation!

Actually, it isn’t too bad. My house is just “cluttered.” We have a lot of papers and books.

Books are my passion. I have books everywhere on almost every topic imaginable. I’ve mentioned before that I have about 1000 or so books on my Kindle, too. About 95% of the books I have were free including the ones on my Kindle.

But don’t think those books aren’t good. Many of them are very well written by fledgling authors who are writing their hearts out and giving their first book away for free or nearly free so they can garner a following.

Once they have a following, they will charge more for their books, but that first book (and oftentimes other ones, too) are free. You just have to know where to look for them.

I have two books for sale on Amazon currently. I have sold about 15 of the one book and zero of the other one!

I am not much good at marketing. I think I do okay with writing. But there is always room for improvement!

But I digress. I was talking about hoarding and the fact that I am not a hoarder.

My desk is probably the prime example of my “hoarding.” I like to have everything I need close by. Sometimes that includes a lot of “things.”

For example, the stuff surrounding the laptop is all things I think I will need for various stories and things I am working on. The shelf just above that holds a host of journals and paperwork that I also think I will need. I will probably only need about 10 things from the pile! But I like to play it “safe” and have everything near me.

Besides, I once heard that a clean desk was the sign of a frightened mind!!! One look at my desk and people can safely assume that this mind of mine is not frightened!

Surprisingly, I know the precise location of nearly everything on this cluttered desk. Ask me where the paper clips or extra pens are and I can point right to them. Ask me where my journal about life in general is—right over there under the two sets of headphones (you can never have too many of those!).

I am working on getting this messy look cleaned up, but as busy as I am keeping myself, I don’t expect too much progress anytime soon. As long as I still know where things are, I anticipate the desk looking like this for a while.


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