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A Matter of Perspective

You know all those conspiracy theorists out there that are saying you should not get the COVID-19 vaccination for any reason?

We’ve all heard these theories ranging from microchips to the mark of the beast.

I will say I have done quite a bit of research into some of these and had most of them dispelled or at the very least, adequately answered.

I mean, I am pretty sure that nothing I do is interesting enough that anyone in their right mind would want to track me (but most stalkers aren’t in their right minds anyway, right?)

I checked out the whole mark of the beast thing, too, from the book of Revelation in the Bible. Also, not a thing. The mark would be something we knowingly accept as what the mark is, not disguised as a shot.

But one thing that disturbs me and I have not found a good explanation for yet is the fact that a quarter sticks to the injection site!

I have seen people stick quarters to their heads before. But not to an injection site. Well, I tried it.

A regular, run-of-the-mill quarter stuck to my COVID-19 injection site. The quarter would not stick anywhere else on my arm.

And it stuck! I moved that quarter all over my arm and it didn’t stick anywhere but to the injection site.

The weird thing is, I can find all sorts of information about people saying they have stuck magnets to their injection sites and they stuck, but I have tried to search for a quarter sticking to the site and have come up with nothing! Okay, I take that back, I did find a video on YouTube of a lady who put a quarter on her injection site, had it stick and it stayed stuck while she did chores and other things for around two hours.

I would have said the lady was full of malarkey if I had not had the quarter stick to my injection site without anything to make it do so.

I am not trying to freak anyone out and I will get to the bottom of this, but I just thought I would share my experience.

Even as a conspiracy theorist myself, I am having trouble with this. But I won’t totally freak out until I either find out that this is some weird voodoo or that it is a perfectly normal and explainable phenomenon.

In the meantime, I guess I would rather have a little metal or whatever in my arm and not get COVID-19 again.


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