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A Matter of Perspective

Sometimes I feel like I am standing still. I stepped on the scale this morning and I hadn’t lost a pound. Not even a fraction of a pound. I stepped off, let the digital scale reset to 0.00, and then stepped back on...259.4. Still the same.

I stepped off in disgust and put the scale away. I again renewed my vow that I would be losing weight before I stepped on that scale again. And this next time—that scale had better “agree” with me—or else!

I have tried so many things to not only lose weight but to gain control over my blood sugar that I was feeling discouraged. I mean, does this always have to be a battle—a fight—a war with my own body?

I decided to try something new again because the last things just didn’t work...

Or maybe they did work and I just didn’t try for long enough.

Okay...that gave me something to ponder.

So instead of just throwing in the towel, I decided to kind of combine the two things—the “vomit” shakes and the daily recordings on my Youtube channel.

You may wonder what the daily recordings are all about. Well, I have only been doing them for two days so far, but those two days have been somewhat revealing for me.

The recordings are unscripted and for the most part unedited (as you will see if you watch them!).

They are simple and short and are a way for me to document my journey and this battle with type 2 diabetes and weight loss. I hope that someone will see the videos and find inspiration through them. If nothing else, they will see that they are not alone in the struggle.

I think more than anything, people want to feel like they are understood and are not alone when they choose to get serious about weight loss and other battles.

As I am spooning up a nice big helping of this morning’s very tasty “vomit” drink I am inspired to help as many people as I can.

I know the all-too-real struggle and I am renewing my desire to help other people with the struggle.

I share the struggle, but I also share the research and the knowledge that change—lasting change—is possible.

You can watch my videos on Facebook or my website at You can also watch them on my Youtube channel.

Have a healthy day!


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