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Alexandria Shooting Park under new ownership

by Trinity Gruenberg

Four friends have come together and purchased a shooting range in Alexandria.

Steve Gould of Long Prairie, Garrett Streitz of Warner, SD; Zach Johnson of Glenwood, and Tyler Notch of Eagle Bend recently took ownership of the Alexandria Shooting Park, adding on to their already successful careers.

Streitz owns Alex Pro Firearms (AR manufacture) and Lakes Area Arms, a firearm retail store in Alexandria.

Gould started a brand called Target Focused Life (TFL) about a year and half ago. TFL is about all things shotguns and wingshooting. A big part of what TFL does right now is video content creation for YouTube. The Gould Brothers performed live trick shooting shows across the country the past 13 years. They are currently taking a break to pursue other ventures.

Johnson is known by many on YouTube as the Millennial Farmer. He runs a family farm where he also creates videos for his YouTube channel. Johnson also has another YouTube channel called Between the Rows where he shares some of his other passions such as racing. . .

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