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Benefit to be held for Stacie Warren on September 11

The Warren family, front row: Ashley, Lucia and Cami (Huss), Stacie with Peregrine and Brandi. Back row: Donovan and Jeff. They also have a new grandbaby Raymond.

by Trinity Gruenberg

“It has been a long road,” said Stacie Warren of Eagle Bend.

She is happy to be home and on the mend after suffering a serious stroke.

On New Year’s Eve, Stacie went in to have an operation done at the University of Minnesota to correct the severe twitching in her left eye. The surgery went well. But then on January 2, she suffered three back-to-back strokes on the left side of her brain while in the hospital.

The strokes caused swelling in her brain that prompted surgeons to remove a small portion of her skull to relieve the swelling. She also was sedated and given a tracheotomy for her ventilator. . .


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