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Bertha Area Wellness Center Closing: City council to decide its fate

by Trinity Gruenberg

Astera Heath has chosen not to renew their lease for the Bertha Area Wellness Center (BAWC). They are set to close by June 1, unless the city of Bertha chooses to take over the facility.

Astera Health CFO Kim Aagard and Chief Ambulatory Administrator Medley Shamp explained to the Bertha City Council at their meeting on February 12 that the facility has become a financial loss. Astera is interested in gifting the center to the city of Bertha.

Aagard, Shamp and other Astera staff met with Bertha Mayor Deb Nelson and City Clerk Brenda Roberts on February 27, during which the Astera crew shared they would not renew their lease with the city.

“Our intention wasn’t to keep it hush hush and close it without saying anything to anybody. Our intention was if we could keep it under wraps to the point that if we could come up with a transition, it’s much easier to say, hey, here’s what’s going to happen,” explained Shamp....


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