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Bertha-Hewitt One-Act takes First Place: Crisis averted in the “Bomb” scare situation

Bertha-Hewitt performed their One-Act Play "Bomb". Above, Elliot, Tina, Stetson, Herald and Wilma cut the wires on the bomb. It failed giving them 60 seconds to run.

The story begins when Eliot was in a car accident with his brother Steven. Eliot was trying to purchase tickets on his phone when the crash happened, killing his brother. He doesn’t remember causing the accident. Eliot prepared to leave for a social media support group while his roommate Stetson shares he broke up with his girlfriend, Tina, after keeping her head buried in her phone. A package was delivered that neither one knew where it came from. The roommates open the box and a timer begins to count down, and believe it is a bomb. Tina arrives to talk to Stetson about their relationship, seeing the bomb she calls 911....

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