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Browerville home destroyed by fire

The Browerville and Long Prairie Fire Departments responded to a house fire at the Marvin Drayna residence on County Road 14 just east of Browerville on the evening of Sunday, May 3. No other information was available at presstime.

UPDATE May 5, 2020 a.m.

According to Browerville Fire Chief Patrick Sutlief, "Sunday was a busy day. We got called to a brush fire heading toward a house just east of Browerville. When we arrived, the fire had reached the house and was burning the side and up into the attic. We sent guys into the house and we opened the roof to ventilate and try to extinguish the fire in the attic. The fire was too involved in the attic, and it quickly became too dangerous to be in the house so we had to wait for the fire to open up the roof so we could access it and extinguish it. Long Prairie Fire Department was also on the scene and their ladder truck was a huge help with this fire." 



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