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Cat Tales

We have entered a tiny terrorist phase at our house.

The kittens, Sassy and Peanut, are growing and have mastered the use of their legs. They are about two months old now. They have managed to conquer the stairs, jump, climb, and run at top speed around the house.

Now that they have this mastered, they are getting into everything, and I mean everything.

Peanut has an obsession with playing race track across my desk while I am trying to work. Sassy climbs to the top of the cat scratcher and hasn’t quite figured out how to get down. They both discovered the hammock and loved sleeping in it, much to the other cats' dismay.

While this was the first Christmas for the three kittens, Salem is just a few months older than the other two tiny terrorists, our many Christmas trees fell victim to the three of them. Not only have all the trees been climbed, but the smaller ones that sit on so been knocked over. Ironically, we accidentally broke the angel on the nativity display, but the kittens have taken up the mantle by sitting on it. Sigh...

Over the weekend, we began to take down the Christmas decorations inside the house. This chaos was extremely fun for the tiny terrorists who had to get in and out of every box, playing with everything that was temporarily placed on the floor, and finding every loose ornament they could to play with.

They were having a blast!

Pumpkin saw the kittens climbing the trees and she decided to climb a tree anyway, even though she knows better. She’s a little bigger in size and managed to pull out a few branches in the process.

They all were recently introduced to a laser pointer. They really love it, as do the other cats. It’s the only toy I can use to play with all eight of them at the same time. It is kind of funny watching multiple cats chase a red dot at the same time.

The little kittens also have found an interesting hiding spot. They like to climb up the rolled-up area rugs that are behind our china hutch and sleep on top of them.

It’s hard to be mad at them when they are so darn cute. They purr every time you touch them and they like to cuddle...with everyone. The other cats just allow it. Salem is obsessed with cuddling them and playing with them. It’s cute how he treats them and plays with them.

So, I guess I have eight cats now, and a holiday-themed playland that keeps them constantly entertained.

What will they do when it all gets packed away for the season?

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