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COVID-19 updates from Governor Walz

On Monday, May 4 Governor Walz signed an order that will exempt federal, tribal, state, and local COVID-19 relief funds from being automatically intercepted by creditors and debt collectors. The Governor also discussed how his administration is engaging with Minnesotans across industries, organizations, and communities to safely get Minnesotans back to work. To learn more about strategy, and the work we’re doing together, explore our engagement page on the COVID-19 website. On Tuesday, May 5 Governor Walz signed an Executive Order that provided a roadmap for safely restarting elective veterinary, medical, and dental procedures. Also, the Governor and the State of Minnesota’s Chief Financial Officer Myron Frans announced a projected $2.4 billion deficit through 2021. On Wednesday, May 6 Governor Walz and Department of Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm thanked nurses on the front lines during this pandemic, and highlighted the work nurses are doing to keep Minnesotans healthy. The Minnesota National Guard conducted statewide flyovers in recognition of those on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic response. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources issued guidance to stay close to home during the season fishing opener. On Thursday, May 7 Governor Walz unveiled a five-point plan to provide support to our state’s long-term care facilities and protect Minnesota seniors and their caregivers. The Governor and Minnesota Department of Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm worked closely together to develop the plan, which aims to bolster the significant work that is taking place already within facilities and our public health sector. On Friday, May 8 Governor Walz called on the Legislature to extend and replenish a Minnesota fund used to keep Minnesotans safe amid COVID-19. Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan highlighted the work of the Administration’s Community Resiliency and Recovery Work Group, which studies and takes action to protect the lives and livelihoods of vulnerable communities in Minnesota.



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