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Crossing Cranes Courts: A new hub for volleyball lovers

by Trinity Gruenberg

The love of the game led Sarah Rach, a Bertha-Hewitt alum, and David Cannon, a Verndale native, to open Crossing Cranes Courts, a new sand volleyball facility in Bartlett Township, where they share their passion for volleyball with the public.

In 2020, they installed a sand volleyball court in the backyard of their home so Rach, her daughters Siri and Sydney, and Cannon could play together and with friends and host events and practices as the couple coaches JO volleyball.

This spring, they decided to upgrade the courts and brought in new sand. 

“My oldest daughter Siri suggested making two courts,” said Rach.

Rach and Cannon agreed with her, as they love playing volleyball with friends and other adults.

With their JO coaching, the idea evolved into a business venture, along with their day jobs—Rach is a psychology professor, and Cannon works at Jenkins Iron & Steel.

“David and I play a lot ourselves and wanted to get more people to play. We like the coaching side of things, and we’ve really enjoyed that. JO is done in May, and it’s a good way to keep kids active in the summer and more prepared for fall volleyball. Our enjoyment of playing and coaching instills a love of the game in kids,” shared Rach....


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