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Dusting Off the Archives

News from Verndale's Past

75 Years Ago, December 18, 1947

•Thursday will be the first night of the Golden Gloves matches in the Wadena auditorium with 40 boxers from this section expected to take part. Verndale boys who are expected to fight are: Dick Grewe, Marty Borchers, Paul Schmitz and Lloyd Hallet. Art Attleson of Verndale is the promoter of the fights and has trophies to present to the winners of each event.

•At the regular meeting of the Verndale Commercial Club held Monday evening, the election of the officers for the coming year took place, with Gordon D. Bluhm being elected to succeed Gordan E. Blume as president of the club.

•Mr. “Sharkey” Payne, the owner of the Verndale Theatre, wants it known that there will be no show next Wednesday evening, Christmas Eve. The program for the balance of this week is Wednesday and Thursday, “High Conquest” starring Anna Lee, Gilbert Roland, and Warren Douglas. For Friday and Saturday, Charles Bickford and Irene Rich in Jack London’s great story, “Queen of the Yukon.”

40 Years Ago, December 23, 1982

•At its first of perhaps many meetings, members of the newly-formed Futurist Committee met Wednesday, December 1, to review present school programs and formulate priorities for the future. Members of the committee represent the administration, faculty, school board and parents: Administration-Superintendent James Sherek, coordinator and principals, James Madsen and Arlene Gerrian; school board, Eve Vessler and Theresa Wutzke; faculty, Roger Olson, Steve Techam, Arvilla Dyer and Byron Hartung; parents, Jim Runyan, Don Youngbauer, Gertrude Hosek, Barbara Rach and Martha Dahlvang.

•Pictured listening intently as Santa talked to them at the Lions Christmas party last Saturday afternoon were three sons of James and Sue Madsen: Brian, Craig and little Mike. Behind Craig, Jeff Veronen glanced skeptically at the white-bearded visitor, while one of Keith and Pam Schmidt’s twin daughters, waited her turn, being held back by her cousin Camille Erikson.

•Pictured were John and Alice Haisman who were served punch by Mildred Schuft who was relieving Sue Sowder. They were but two of the 88 senior citizen members who enjoyed the annual Christmas dinner Saturday in the school cafeteria. A number of diners made their choices at the school’s new salad bar. A Christmas sing-a-long was also held.

15 Years Ago, January 2, 2007

•It’s a new year, and 2007 has marked many changes in the state of Minnesota. One of the biggest changes is the implementation of the statewide smoking ban. It’s been three months since Minnesota passed and instilled the Freedom to Breathe Act banning smoking in public establishments. And while many businesses have adapted seemingly well to the law­—including bars and restaurants where smoking is prevalent—there are several businesses that either are choosing to blatantly ignore the law in hopes they will not get caught or are simply unaware that the law applies to them.

•Everyone seems to have survived Christmas in good health and good spirits. Norman Adams was able to attend the Thursday evening meal. He looks much better but says he has some problems yet. Our first evening gathering will be Thursday, January 10 at 5:15 p.m. One person who was a big help with the Christmas party was Elaine Schmitz who called bingo for us. She also willingly serves as our club treasurer.

•Tri-County Hospital (TCH) and Wadena Medical Center (WMC) announced the integration of the hospital and clinic services. WMC staff (excluding physicians) became TCH employees on January 1. The shared vision of TCH and WMC is to provide a simplified and efficient healthcare delivery system. Duplication of services will be reduced and patient convenience and overall efficiency will increase.



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