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Dusting Off the Archives

News from Verndale's Past

75 Years Ago, August 9, 1945

•William Marsh lost his team of horses in a freak accident on Friday morning. The horses were loose in the pasture when they became excited when a puppy barked at the cows. The animals began to run and collided with one another with such force that one sustained a broken back and several crushed ribs which caused almost instant death. The second horse lived about twenty-four hours, but was never able to get up.

• Mr. and Mrs. Elmer (Ole) Nelson and two children will be leaving Verndale the first part of September to take over a restaurant business they have leased in Bertha. Ole has been employed as a bartender at the Verndale Liquor Store the past seven years. He has rented his home here to the Clarence Horn family. No one has been hired at this time to fill Ole’s vacancy at the liquor store. The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson wish them success and happiness at Bertha.

•A news bulletin from Camp McCoy, Wisconsin, announced that Pfc. Arthur F. Borchers, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Borchers who reside south of Verndale, has arrived in the states. Pfc. Borchers served with the 87th C.M.I. Mortor Bn. in England, France, Belgium and Germany. He has the presidential citation and three battle stars.

40 Years Ago, August 7, 1980

•Persons attending the Strawhat and Sunbonnet celebration were encouraged to come attired in keeping with the theme. Several women gathered for a photo. They were: Minnie Umland, Verna Derby, Mary Lu McClure, Mildred Schuft, Mayor Louise Otremba holding Rachel Malone and Leona Gimmestad. All Country Gardens Club members were similarly dressed for their flower show held in conjunction with the annual celebration. Over 300 registered for the show, the largest number ever.

• In a transaction which became effective on Monday, August 4, Jeff and Gloria Hackett of Walker became the owners of Ralph’s Super Market in Verndale. Although new to store ownership and this area, they are not new to the grocery business, since Jeff had worked for his father in the family store at Akeley, and has managed Bielow’s Red Owl at Walker for a number of years. Gloria has had experience as a grocery store clerk, having also worked in the Walker store. Both are from southern Minnesota: he from Blue Earth and she from Fairmont. Ralph and Helen Balkenol have been in the grocery business in Verndale the past nine years and plan to remain here and slow down.

• “Verndale’s First House” as portrayed by Verndale Custom Homes, Inc. won first place in the commercial division of the Strawhat and Sunbonnet parade which was watched by folks lining both sides of the street for seven blocks last Saturday evening.

15 Years Ago, August 11, 2005

•After flipping over each other, Brad Kempe struggled to tag out Wayne Mills after Wayne attempted a slide into second base. Unfortunately for Wayne, Brad won the struggle and Wayne was ruled out. The Old Timers players walked away with a few minor injuries, but had smiles on their faces. I heard a rumor of a rematch next year.

•The Wing River Belle won the Best Float Trophy in the Grand Parade. Parts of the float were salvaged from the Titanic. Teresa Moenkedick and Megan Richter found the Verndale Medallion under one of the picnic tables in the Verndale City Park. Steve Pickar is the 2005 Sorehead.

•Chelsa Lynn Beaver, Verndale, has been awarded the Hamline University Honors Scholarship. Beaver, a graduate of Verndale High School, is the daughter of Randy and Judy Beaver of Verndale.

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