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Dusting Off the Archives

News from Verndale's Past

75 Years Ago, March 14, 1946

•The Martin J. Edin farm sale held on Wednesday of last week was very successful with cows selling from $110 to $200. One cow with a calf at her side sold for $242. A purebred 16-month-old bull brought $232. A large crowd attended this sale and everything brought good prices.

•Homer Waterhouse has added a much-needed new department to his business here in Verndale. The recently added department is plumbing and heating fixtures, electrical appliances, etc. Mr. James J. Thompson, a well-qualified man, with 20 years' experience in this work, heads up this department.

•The Verndale 1945-46 high school basketball team went through their season’s basketball schedule, sub-district tournament, and district tournament and has a record of nine wins and 14 losses for the season counting all games played. Assistant Coach Earl Seaton, who has been assisting Coach C.R. Peterson since February 5, deserves much credit in helping to bring the boys to their peak at tournament time.

40 Years Ago, March 12, 1981

•Voter turnout was considered very good in Thomastown and Wing River townships as voters trekked to the polls to chose representatives in “home” area elections. Thomastown voters cast 35 ballots for Jim Vogel and 22 for Ken Mudek for a supervisor post for a three-year term. Louie Christopherson, who had filed for treasurer to succeed Betty Wicht who declined to file, garnered 55 of the 59 total votes cast.

•School board members voted to add another portion towards completion of the athletic complex of the school at Monday’s meeting by purchasing a pole vault pit at a cost of under $2800. Since Verndale and Bertha-Hewitt will be joining forces in wrestling and track next year, Bertha would be asked to share in the cost.

•With only four years of scouting, these four girls from Verndale have achieved the highest goal in girl scouting—First Class Scout Awards, the equivalent of the Eagle Scout Award for boy scouts. A ceremony was held on Sunday afternoon in the basement of St. Frederick’s Catholic Church. Honored were Michelle Pierce, Naomi Webber, Melissa Pierce and Cathy Olson.

15 Years Ago, August 11, 2006

•At the Verndale City Council meeting, attended by Mayor Wayne Stave, and Council Members Todd Brenna and John Desrocher, the council learned that the $587,000 housing rehabilitation grant they had applied for last fall had been denied by the Minnesota Department of Economic Development. A letter explaining the denial indicated that the greatest factor in the denial was the lack of funding for the Minnesota Small Cities Program.

• Students of Verndale Elementary are engaging in a contest that is fun and helps others. They are collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House of Fargo. Each classroom has its own pop tab collection where they can put all the tabs they collect each month. Each month they are collected and weighed. The winning classroom for the month wins a $25 gift certificate to purchase educational games or equipment for the classroom. The winning class for December was Mrs. Veronen’s kindergarten class. The January/February winning classroom was Miss Boyd’s first-grade class.

•All Verndale Future Community and Career Leaders of America members who competed in the Star Event Competition at the regional level in Herman on Monday, February 27, will be advancing to State Competition. Members include Kassy Sheldon, Brittani Cottrell, Palani Sheldon, Jessica Grossinger, and Brittani Groshong.


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