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Family pet shot and killed in front of owner

A family dog was shot and killed in his driveway on April 25.

In a Facebook post written by Austin Larson: “Northeast of Long Prairie on April 25, at approximately 6:30 p.m., at the address 25759 Imperial Road, my friend's dog was shot on his property. My friend Greg Brunner was working on his vehicle when he heard multiple gunshots near his driveway. He ran to his dog, his best friend, Waylon, and attempted to slow the bleeding and bring him to the nearest vet which happened to be a couple of miles away. That’s where Waylon took his last breath.”

“Greg talked to his nearest neighbor who believed he had seen a 2016 or newer dark blue Chevrolet pickup (assuming Silverado) pull out of his driveway after the gunshots. If you know Greg at all, you know Waylon was by his side everywhere he went. Waylon was incredibly friendly and an amazing companion. Greg is beyond devastated and hearing the heartache in his voice tears me apart.”

Greg’s sister Ashley Brunner started a GoFundMe to get an apple tree and a plaque for Waylon to be buried under:

If you have any information, contact the Todd County Sheriff’s Office.

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