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Firefighter Parade collects FoodShelf donations

Dean Uselman drove the 1929 American LaFrance truck during the Firefighters for Food Shelf parade on October 6. Brynn, Chance and Madden enjoyed the lights and sirens of the parade as they waited to hand over their box of donations for the food shelf.

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Wadena Fire Department held their first Firefighters for the Food Shelf parade on October 6.

The idea came after the fire department was not able to host their annual open house

“I decided to run with this idea of doing something to give back to our community. It was an awesome experience,” said Andrew Browne, secretary/firefighter.

With lights and sirens and a mapped-out route to follow, the fire department paraded through Wadena, stopping along the way to pick up donations for the Wadena Area Food Shelf. Donations were also dropped off at the south fire hall.

“We were able to collect a whole pickup truck box and received $60 in cash donations,” said Browne.

As part of Fire Safety Week, they encouraged citizens to practice their home safety plan in the event they have to flee their residence due to a fire.



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