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Fischer’s Fitness center builds up muscle in the area

There is ample open space at Fischer’s Fitness to accommodate many kinds of workouts and stretching. Pictured, Remington Meagher pushed a weighted sled across the floor. Some members do sprints among other things in this area. The open space also allows for proper social distancing.

by Karin L. Nauber

When Snap Fitness in Long Prairie needed a new manager, Bob Fischer was the first name that came to the mind of the owner of that establishment.

“They talked me into taking the position,” said Bob.

That was in November of 2019.

“Then COVID came and shut down Snap and other fitness centers. But it gave Trish and I time to think about what we wanted to do,” he said.

At that time, the couple who both grew up in the Browerville/ Long Prairie area had been planning to purchase the Long Prairie Snap Center from the owners.

“They were really busy with other pursuits and didn’t have a lot of time for the Snap business,” commented Bob.

Snap Fitness is a franchise business. Unfortunately, being a franchise puts a lot of limitations and restrictions on what can and cannot be done from interior design to things that even the members could and could not do.

Bob and Trish thought about it, but because of the limitations, they began to think more and more about building their own center where they could offer their own unique mix of fitness activities, machines, and classes.

“We wanted to have more space, too. The current Snap building was too small,” related Bob.

They inquired with the city of Long Prairie but were not able to get the correct zoning from the city to build in Long Prairie’s industrial area. . .


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