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Girl Scouts are on a mission

Quinn Bruder worked with Betty Gabler on her tie blanket.

by Karin L. Nauber

When most people think about the Girl Scouts, visions of cookies rise up in their minds. But the Girl Scouts are about a lot more than cookies—although the cookies do taste great!

The Browerville Girl Scouts troop #918 is on a mission—a mission to do good in their communities and beyond.

On December 9 and 14 the girls proved their dedication and desire to make our world a better place by visiting at the Central Todd County Care Center in Clarissa and the Long Prairie Care Center respectively and “tying a knot” with some of the people who live there.

The girls made tie blankets with the residents.

This is just one of the many activities that the Browerville Troop does in addition to selling their mouth-watering cookies.

In January 2019, the Browerville Troop was established.

One of the leaders, Kristy Brown, said that she felt they should have a troop in the area.

The original group included six girls.

“Cookie sales started two weeks later. We sold 3200 boxes with six girls,” said Brown.

Just so you know­—that’s a lot of cookies!

The sales went well enough that the girls were able to do a few fun activities like “Sleep Under The Sea” at the Mall of America in the Twin Cities, “Zoo Snooze” in Duluth and “Tap to Table” in Hackensack.

Tap to Table was an event where they saw the entire process of how maple syrup is tapped, harvested and made into the stuff we all like on our pancakes!

The girls were very active through their first year. They even held a Veteran’s Day Program where they invited three area military persons to speak with them about their lives in and out of the military.



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