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Grumpy Old Ganz

It has been hectic...

Clearly, I haven’t written anything for some time now, not because I haven’t had anything to say, just that time hasn’t presented itself the way I would have preferred.

As things go this time of year, we entered into a time where high school playoffs were in full swing all at once for track, baseball and softball, making for some long days. Then add in what I would call “unwanted” and “extremely” hot weather draining every ounce of moisture and energy from one’s body without consent!

On one particular day, three of us were sent packing to take photos of events that were in opposite directions. The other two had long drives, but luckily for them, their games had been changed to mid-morning with cooler temperatures. I on the other hand was not as fortunate.

I arrived at my event early. Just my luck...a different game had just started and I was told that there was a rain delay and my event was pushed back. What? The temperature was 97 degrees with humidity in the 80’s not including the heat index!

Irritated is not the word to describe my feelings, while I endlessly searched for a sliver of shade.

Continuing my quest I kept walking past this generator, wondering what it was supplying power to, finally seeing it was for two fans in the dugout to help cool the players.

Losing hope, and with despair setting in, the announcer just “had” to mention it was hotter here than in Texas. My attitude was more than just irritated!

Thinking back on that day, and that comment, I wondered if he had said that it was -40 degrees at the North Pole if that would have made some of us feel slightly better about the weather we were experiencing?

Someone once told me “it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it”. I think it’s all about perception. Maybe the announcer could have painted us a little “cooler” picture...



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