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Grumpy Old Ganz

This is no joke...

Over the past few weeks, there really has been no grass to mow… which I honestly don’t mind. However, due to our current drought conditions, I feel like all there is to mow is mainly dirt. The dust just flies. But then again there always seems to be a few green isolated spots that look a little scruffy.

Several years ago I bought a push mower to save the headache of having to deal with belts and pulleys and extra upkeep of a riding lawnmower. Although it takes me 4-6 hours to push mow, I honestly don’t mind. I like the simplicity of having a push mower. I check the oil, put gas in and off I go.

Recently, while mowing a small patch of grass, three steps into it the mower began to smoke and burst into flames!

It wasn’t an expensive mower, but it was a workhorse for me. Maybe the mower wasn’t made for the size of my yard, but it was reliable and never failed me…until that fateful day.

Fortunately, I was given a very nice push mower that was self-propelled along with other bells and whistles, so I felt lucky that I did not have to buy another.

Several small patches of grass were in need of mowing again. So I checked the oil, filled the mower with gas and giving it a pull, it started right off and away I went...or should I say away IT went, as I followed behind only to guide it.

I was feeling pretty good about the situation, and suddenly without warning the new lawnmower started smoking and burst into flames! My investment in a fire extinguisher a year ago came in quite handy. Now I need a new one of those as well.

That was “my sign”. I’m giving up mowing for this year and I think I’ll invest in some goats!

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