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Grumpy Old Ganz

I have done my best to stay away from this topic. I don’t like discussing it or debating it, but I’m not going to let it gnaw at me any longer. Sometimes, someone needs to be held accountable for their actions instead of making exceptions or passing the buck.

After learning of the upcoming limited volleyball and football seasons set forth by the Minnesota State High School League (MSHSL) and receiving information on what will and will not be allowed, I have come to the opinion that our federal, state, and local governments and school districts are going to pick and choose what rules and mandates they will follow or not follow, which puts local school administrations in a very precarious situation.

I get the fact that everyone is wanting to bring back some normalcy for students, but at what cost? Isn’t it our duty as parents, guardians, caretakers, and human beings to look out for the welfare of our children/students instead of putting them in a situation that could potentially cause them harm and put others at risk?

A guideline for schools set forth by the Centers for Disease Control said this, “Restrict extra-curricular activities, field trips, and inter-group events and meetings”.

It seems that previously the MSHSL was following this guideline and had established some groundwork by moving fall sports to spring. But then another meeting was held and a decision was made to re-instate the volleyball and football seasons for this fall. It would seem, in my opinion, as though the MSHSL didn’t want to deal with being unpopular.

Just because a governing body approves something doesn’t make it a law. It may be approval to move forward but does not make it a statute.

Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t popular. Sometimes you have to take a stand and be the unpopular one.

How difficult could it be to simply say, “It is in the best interest of our school and for the safety of our students that we will not be fielding a team this year due to the current situation”.

I hope that this shortened sports season goes smoothly and without incident. I also want to know if it doesn’t go smoothly, who will be the first to stand and take full responsibility and be held accountable for their actions without hiding behind a governing body or the ever-changing exceptions to the rule?

The African proverb “it takes a village to raise a child” is so very true.

The village includes coaches, teachers, aunts, uncles, grandparents, family, and friends who look out for my children, your children, our children...

My question is...are we really doing that?

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