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Harkening Back

News from Clarissa's Past

25 Years Ago

February 5, 1997

About 35 people from Eagle Bend and Clarissa met at the Eagle Valley Elementary School gymnasium on Thursday, January 30 for the natural gas public hearing. Gary O’Hara from Northern States Power (NSP) who manages the Natural Gas Services portion, gave a short presentation on what NSP would do for the cities and the services NSP would provide once the Municipal Gas Utilities were in place. A survey mailed on Friday, January 31 will determine if 50 percent of the homes and businesses in Eagle Bend and Clarissa want to go on natural gas making the project feasible.


Science Fair winners: Katey Denny, Jana Hierl, Brittany Lorentz, Aaron Johnson, Megan Busch, Megan Taylor, Matt Harren, Jason Connolly, Emil Lind, Adam Gadbaw, Rachel Kilau, Meg Soli, Crystal Hess, Megan Hansen, Mark LaVoie, Clayton Krause, David Gabler, Barrett Lunemann. The 18 blue ribbon winners will go on to compete at the Freshwater Science Fair in Browerville on February 10-11.

50 Years Ago

February 3, 1972

Despite the cold sub-zero weather conditions that prevailed throughout the state most of last week and during the month of January, most Clarissa residents like it here in Minnesota and wouldn’t trade places with our neighbors in the warmer climates. The Independent discovered this through interviewing several residents on the street this past week.


A total of $104.18 was donated by local residents last Thursday afternoon for the National Federation March of Dimes campaign.


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