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Harkening Back

News from Clarissa's Past

25 Years Ago

August 14, 1996

Ellsworth Dahlman, formerly of Clarissa and now of Long Prairie, spent the first few days of his life in a shoebox in the warming oven of his Mother’s cookstove. He weighed about two and a half pounds at birth. Eighty-seven years ago, home births were the norm and incubators weren’t that common, even if there was a hospital nearby. The Dahlman name has been associated with Clarissa since 1880 when L.A. Dahlman emigrated from Sweden to America.


Dave Lorenz, the pressman for the Independent News Herald, demonstrated letterpress printing at the Rose City Threshing and Heritage Festival. Ernie and Diane Silbernagel, publishers of the Independent News Herald, donated the letterpress equipment to the Spruce Hill Foundation and also arranged for the donation of a printing press from Delair and Gale Kaas of the Frazee Forum. The foundation board built a new building to house the print shop. More printing equipment is planned to be added for display and operation next year at the annual threshing bee.

50 Years Ago

August 12, 1971

Spencer Hayes, son of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Hayes and a 1971 graduate of the Clarissa High School has been selected to represent Clarissa in the 1971 Minnesota Teen Program to be held at Alexandria on August 20 and 21.


Randy Meyer of the Hustlin’ Rustics 4-H Club of Clarissa was selected grand champion 4-H dairy exhibitor at the 1971 Todd County Fair. Randy was the champion with his two-year-old Holstein cow. He was also the champion Holstein exhibitor.


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