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Hewitt Holiday House celebrates the Fourth of July

All decked out with stars and stripes and red, white and blue, the Hewitt Holiday House is back to celebrate the Fourth of July. The show will feature a variety of festive and fun songs with a run time of approximately 25 minutes. Show times are Sunday-Thursday from 9:15-10:30 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 9:15-11 p.m. from now through July 12. The Hewitt Holiday House is located at 515 North Main Street in Hewitt. Tune into 101.3 FM to hear the music. Please remember to be courteous to the neighbors, don’t block driveways or the road and turn off your headlights. The show will be shut down during thunderstorms. Follow them on Facebook for updates. Please remember to stay in your vehicles and adhere to social distancing. Have a happy Fourth of July!

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