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Hilltop Square project makes progress

by Karin L. Nauber

According to Central Minnesota Housing Partnership, Inc. (CMHP) Executive Director Deanna Hemmesch, the application for the Hilltop Square Apartments has been submitted to Minnesota Housing.

According to Hemmesch, “The project ultimately scored 103 points (if MN Housing accepts all our interpretations of the points claimed). This is a good score for a senior housing project.”

The project garnered 56 letters of support, two from legislators and 30 from community members supporting the project.

“The other support letters were from cities, county departments, organizations, community groups, and other funders,” noted Hemmesch.

She added that this application contained “the MOST support letters and the MOST amount of local contribution of any applications CMHP has submitted before. We could not have done that without all your hard work and coordination.”

But it wasn’t all good news.

Hemmesch said that the legislation did not pass a bonding bill this year. . .


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