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In Focus

I am so glad that spring is here and the temperature is nice enough to enjoy the outdoors. The yard is getting cleaned up, the flower beds are being prepped for flowers and the solar lights have gone back out. My favorite part is the fire pit in the backyard is in business for weekend bonfires. There is nothing more relaxing than burning wood and grilling food...especially during these times. I crack open a cold one and chat around the fire with my neighbors, don’t worry there’s only six of us and we practice social distancing. We get to forget the insanity in the world by telling jokes and sharing stories. All of us are working on some kind of home improvement and cleaning projects, planning vegetable gardens, maybe a little landscaping. Pepper, the dog, is enjoying it as well. She enjoys seeing the neighbors, too, and chasing rabbits across the yard. She’s happy. And the cats are watching us from the kennel and enjoying the nice weather. I have to say, life is feeling pretty good now. Mom and I are planning to paint the coffin we got last year for a yard prop. It’s a light gray color, so we are going to paint it black and the inside red. I will be picking up supplies this week to make stars for the Fourth of July light show, and I would really like to get my bedroom and office painted. Now that I’m in my home office more than ever, the white walls really annoy me. All my furniture in there is black and gray, so I am thinking a light mint green would look nice. I already have two gray rooms, and I think I need something brighter in my office. I don’t know what it is about spring that makes you want to clean up and then sit outside and relax. It’s not a bad time to be stuck at home. I have to say I’ve been enjoying it.

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