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In Focus

I feel the older I get, the less Christmas feels like Christmas. Like many, I get so busy running around and going to all the holiday events, it feels like I don’t actually get to enjoy them as I have to quickly move on to the next thing.

While I clearly like decorating inside and out, the only time I really enjoy the season is when I get to just be home and sit down and enjoy the lights and decorations that surround me.

I realized Christmas was this coming weekend and it just floored me. It feels as if the month had just begun and it’s already Christmas.

Thankfully, most of my gifts were already sent out and have arrived at their destinations, and some are waiting to be wrapped, but at least I’m done shopping. I’m just ready for an uninterrupted weekend of eating and sleeping.

Christmas just feels different. It’s not the same feeling as when we were kids. It’s more of a glorified day off than anything else. Thankfully, I don’t have kids, but the cats will be sure to wake me up for breakfast anyway.

I am actually not a big fan of Christmas music. I think hearing the same songs over and over every year just gets to me. I actually have a hard time editing the Christmas light show because I have to find songs I can tolerate. And sorry, but Mariah makes me cringe.

Christmas is a really depressing time of year for some who have experienced major losses, have no family or no money. Christmas tends to sometimes remind us of our most depressing moments and shortcomings. It’s a day that some have to stumble to get through. For others it’s a season of joy and celebration.

Just remember to be kind and courteous to others. You don’t know what they may be going through and sometimes kind words go a very long way this time of year.

And for the love of Christmas be nice to retail workers! Having been one myself for many years, it’s not their fault you waited until the last minute and the items you want are not in stock. Be kind to your servers, tip them and don’t be rude. Many places are understaffed and wait times are longer. Don’t take your anger out on them. These people work their butts off and to restrain their own frustration and put on a smile their face is a special ability all its own.

Christmas is just different, but I don’t hate it. I am just looking forward to relaxing and watching holiday movies as I recover from the many events this month.

Merry Christmas and remember to be kind to one another.

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