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I have a theory...

It’s well known I have Crohn’s disease, but my sister was recently diagnosed with Celiac’s disease (gluten allergy), both of which are diseases that do not run in our families.

Many of you have seen the commercials for the Camp Lejeune toxic water case. The drinking water at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina may have been contaminated with dangerous chemicals, which can cause cancer and other serious health issues, from 1953 to 1987. I was born in 1986, in North Carolina...

Now from what I was told, we did not live on base, but my Marine father and my mother both worked on the base. With my sister’s recent diagnosis, it got me wondering since we share the same dad, could it be possible that our diseases stem from our dad’s exposure to the toxic water?

I know this would be a difficult thing to prove, but I don’t think it is out of the question, and it will be interesting to see how far this lawsuit goes.

Our dad is already part of this lawsuit, my mom is also joining in. There is an absolute laundry list of issues, diseases, cancers and whatnot connected to this toxic water. Dad has already experienced cancer and pancreatitis. Mom has a list of issues also. It’s honestly worth a shot.

From my understanding, the government is not fighting this lawsuit at all. They are looking to settle which is great, but, the list of issues associated with the toxic water is continuously growing, adding new diseases and cancers it could have caused. It’s opening the door for more people to make a claim which is great! But what will everyone affected by this receive in the end?

I’ve seen different amounts, but I believe it’s over $6 billion that will be distributed in the settlement, and, of course, some people will receive more than others.

It makes me wonder if people like my parents will get a measly $50 check in the mail? That would be an insult on so many levels, and we know this has happened before.

So, could it be possible my disease and my sister’s are a result of our parents being exposed to the toxic water?

It will be interesting to see if someone looks into the descendants of those affected by the toxic water and does some research to see if there is any evidence of this...


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