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In Focus

The book we read for book club was Thief River Falls by Brian Freeman, and dang was it good!

The book follows the story of Lisa, a novelist who hit huge success with her fourth book “Thief River Falls”. She also experienced more tragedy than one person should as her entire family died in tragic accidents, except for her twin brother who abandoned her. Lisa’s book, a thriller, follows the story of a lost boy called “Perdue” who wanders into a woman’s yard. The boy, who witnessed something he shouldn’t have, and now some people, including the county attorney and crooked members of the sheriff’s department, are hunting the boy to cover their tracks. The woman does everything she can to protect the boy and solve the crime that Perdue witnessed.

Lisa was asked at a book club if she ever feared someone would reenact her books. It was something she hoped would never happen.

Lisa’s great success mixed with the tragic loss of her family make for an interesting story. And the one night a lost boy shows up in her yard, forces Lisa to live out her best selling book with a painful twist that nobody saw coming.

This book was outstanding. The twist made some of us scream while we cried. While there were hints throughout the story that something was off, we all had our own theories and as it turned out, we were all wrong. The twist was painful, shocking and left us questioning what was going on the entire time.

But we all agreed, this is a really good book.

If you’re into thrillers or more posological thrillers, this book is for you. Even if you’re no into thrillers, this book may change your mind about them.

The book club totally recommend this book! It may not be for the faint of heart. This does deal with a lot of loss, including the loss of a you have been warned. The story is fiction if that helps to ease your worries.

We are also trying to figure out a name for our book club group. While we are not “Angry Housewives Eating Bon-Bons” we are quite a diverse group. We apparently have a thing for murder mysteries and thrillers. All our books are based in Minnesota, written by Minnesota authors. So, if you have any suggestions, please let me know!

The next book is The I-94 Murders by Frank F. Weber. “A tryst of bondage. A lover’s murder. Investigator Jon Frederick returns in a search to uncover the identity of a killer creeping through communities along I-94 in Minnesota, targeting couples who store their fetish photos online. The killer taunts Jon with hidden messages embedded in local media that lead him to Sonia, a young woman with a terrible secret. A fast-paced thriller based on the profile of a true-life serial murderer, The I-94 Murders guides the reader with an insider’s light along the dark road of a killer.”

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