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In Focus

Christmas Day started out like any other. Sleeping in, chilling out in the living room watching Christmas movies and unwrapping presents.

Later that day, mom was in the kitchen preparing dinner, Cornish game hens (we are not fans of turkey). She mentioned she forgot her recipe called for some white wine, and we had none.

I am not much of a wine fan. I like cider. But who does one turn to on Christmas Day in search of wine? ... the biggest bunch of wine-o’s I know ... the book club.

The message went out in our group chat, and I immediately had two hits. I didn’t care what type the wine was as long as it was white. From the two options available, I picked the one that lived closer. This is where things began to get interesting.

As a fan of all things paranormal, when she told me months ago her house had a spiritual resident I was all over that. I enjoyed her stories of the specter’s doings in the home. Her significant other was less than thrilled by my excitement and essentially tried to ban me from their home.

As it turned out, they were not home that day, but I was given the green light to go in for the needed bottle. Another chimed into the conversation sharing worry about the dogs. It’s not like I’ve never met them, but I am also not a frequent visitor. No problem, I had large dog treats.

As I put on some clothes and tossed on my jacket I realized I was dressed in black from head to toe. I looked like a burglar. As I pulled into their empty driveway, I snapped a picture of the house and sent it to the group, stating ‘let the Christmas Caper begin’, receiving a ‘good luck’ from my friends.

The dogs instantly picked up on my presence. I entered the house and called for the dogs and was greeted by two small horses disguised as dogs. The moment I pulled the large treats out of my pocket, they changed their tune, and sat down and wagged their tails in anticipation.

I sent pictures and a video of the ‘doggos’ and documented my quick trip.

The treats were distributed and the dogs ran off to enjoy their Christmas goodies. I strolled to the fridge and grabbed the bottle of wine, sending another picture for confirmation.

As I strolled back to the door, one dog had finished its treat and reminded me he was still watching. I thought to myself...dude...did you taste the treat or swallow it whole? It was no problem, I was out the door, but not before shouting a ‘Merry Christmas’ to the dogs and spectral resident.

Some time later, another message from the chat popped up, simply stating, “This was hilarious to read”. Glad I could make Christmas entertaining.

Dinner was fantastic, and now I have a mostly full bottle of white wine sitting in the fridge I may have to sample.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

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