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In Focus

Since the day I moved into my house, I was at a loss on how I wanted to paint my room.

In the first few months, I painted the bathroom a dark gray with white trim, the living room and dining room burgundy and tan, with a gold glitter wall in the living room. The kitchen was painted a light gray/blue with red cabinets and white trim. And recently I painted my office mint green and it looks great with all of my gray and black furniture.

My bedroom was just something I couldn’t figure out. I have a lot of animal prints, skulls, and stars. I knew I wanted to go with a steampunk theme, but I just didn’t know what color to paint the walls. They are currently pink, with light pink stripes. The ceiling has a dormer on two sides. It is a big bedroom and I love it! I’m just not a fan of plain tan walls which I was thinking of doing.

I decided that I might do a light tan base and sponge paint some medium brown tones and some metallic gold or copper. I think that would look pretty good. I know it’s going to kill the tendinitis in my right hand. It hurt for days after I finished my office, which is half the size of my bedroom.

I am happy to finally have some idea of what I want to do with my bedroom, but I’ve encountered an issue...

Just a few days ago I heard something small fall and hit my little bookcase. I have plaster bubbling, peeling, and breaking off. Oh great, I figured out I have a leak somewhere next to the chimney column. I can tell this area has been patched before, so I will find out how bad the leak is and possibly if there is a mold issue evolving. I have a feeling this is going to hurt—financially.

So, painting my bedroom will have to wait a bit...until I can figure out the leak and fix the problem...bummer!



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