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K9 Ranger helped nab felony suspect

On June 23, the Todd County Sheriff’s Office was informed that Ryan William Schmidt had an active Felony Arrest Warrant and was staying at a residence in rural Cushing. 

Upon deputies’ arrival, Schmidt was seen running from a camper towards the wood line. Schmidt was ordered to stop and warned that K9 Ranger would be deployed.

Schmidt stopped running for a brief second. Believing that the deputies were bluffing, Schmidt decided to push all his chips into the middle of the table and continue to flee.

The deputy advised Schmidt it was no bluff and remotely popped the door to release their Ace in the Hole: K9 Ranger.

When K9 Ranger and Schmidt met eyes, Schmidt realized he had lost this round. Schmidt then complied with orders to stop running and get on the ground.

K9 Ranger was recalled from the apprehension and stood by for safety.


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