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K9 Ranger joins the Todd County Sheriff’s Office

by Trinity Gruenberg

The Todd County Sheriff’s Office welcomed their newest addition to the ranks on June 28. The furry, four-legged deputy was a welcomed addition.

K9 Ranger is a one-and-a-half-year-old German Shepherd from the Czech Republic. He is trained in narcotics detection, tracking, evidence searching and criminal apprehension.

Ranger was flown to Chicago with his fellow future K9s and was picked up by their trainer. The trainer ensured the first person they would see is their handler.

The kennel opened and Ranger saw Deputy Brittney Hendricks for the first time.

“He didn’t care too much. He just went to the bathroom,” she said.

After stretching out his legs after being cooped up for 20 hours, Hendricks opened the door to her squad to allow Ranger in. The squad has a step up and Ranger had no clue what to do. Hendricks had to lift the 80-pound dog into the squad.

Once the pair arrived in Anoka at 1 a.m. Hendricks opened the door to a flight of stairs. Ranger had never seen stairs before and was unsure of what to do. He sat at the bottom of the stairs for several hours with Hendricks sleeping beside him. . .


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