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Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

On Friday, May 14 the members of the American Legion Post 213 and American Legion Auxiliary Unit 213 of Clarissa will be distributing poppies in Clarissa. This memorial poppy is not only a personal tribute to the dead, but it also honors the living veteran and helps with rehabilitation work.

You see, the poppy we will distribute is made by veterans, to remember veterans and to help veterans.

When you wear this little red flower it helps to keep alive the kind of patriotism so necessary in this great country of ours. As long as such a feeling exists in our hearts, we need not fear for the future of our nation for we will never forget the price of war and the responsibility for freedom.

Wear a poppy on Poppy Day and show that you, too, honor the millions who served America.

Barb Petersen,

President of American

Legion Auxiliary Unit 213



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