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Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Dear family around Clarissa,

Yesterday, May 11, we booked our flights to Manila, Philippines, leaving the Twin Cities the morning of June 29 and arriving the evening of June 30. We could not really book much earlier since we were waiting for when the Philippines would open up its borders again. Since I’m married to a Philippine citizen, I am now able to arrive in the Philippines with her and piggyback on her balik bayan, (returning country) visa, which is good for one year.

We are thanking the Lord that He directed us to get our tickets now and not wait, for I noticed while booking, that flights to the Philippines are filling up fast.

For example, between now and the next three weeks it costs over $6,000 one way for flights to the Philippines on Delta. The only seats available are first-class seats.

We are looking forward to getting back to our home in San Jose, Mindoro, and to our Mangyan grandkids, and to be able to work face to face with our fellow translators instead of via Skype. I’ll have to admit though, at the same time I’ll miss our grandkids and our beautiful farm here in Minnesota.

We have been enjoying the new season of His creation—enjoying the green grass of the pastures clothed in dandelions, and watching the branches of the trees come back to life. Yesterday afternoon, realizing we will be leaving soon, I did a Kermit dance thanking the Lord for the cool experience He gave me camping here on the farm.

Raquel says due to it getting warmer she has been enjoying walking more outside and also enjoying the sprouting of her flowering plants around our mobile home. Tim, too, has been enjoying the warmer weather allowing him to walk longer on our driveway. We are thankful for Michael and Shoni willing to take care of him while we are gone.

Life is good indeed! Hodu ladonay ci tov! Thank you, Lord.

Kermit & Raquel Titrud



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