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Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

When I was a football coach, my job was to evaluate and teach players how to be winners.

I would spend time studying and reviewing film while also trying to practice good techniques and game theory. To do this I had to let the players know what they did right and what they did wrong.

It is important to let the player know why it is wrong. Stepping with the wrong foot gives your opponent the time needed to destroy your offensive play or make a large gain when you are on defense.

Teaching our history should do the same thing. When our country (or any country) does something right we need to highlight it and be proud. Also, if our country does something wrong, we need to know why it was wrong and devise a strategy to correct it.

It’s great that people are taking an interest in their children’s curriculum but it must be done in the proper way.

Find out what is being taught and why. Don’t assume a capable personality is giving you the facts for your school.

Also, talk cordially and have a constructive discussion.

Give our students the best chance to learn.

John Peters




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