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Letter to the Editor (Independent News Herald)

To the Editor:

Do not judge. Tell the truth.

What if you were required to follow the laws of one of the thousands of religions on the planet that you weren’t born into and didn’t believe in? The Bible speaks against this requirement under the “do not judge” command. The rules of the Bible are for Christians who honor its sacred text and most often were born into this faith.

Why won’t the passionately Christian politicians show proof of their claim that there was voter fraud in the 2020 election? They don’t have any proof but if they repeat the lie often enough we will believe it.

They claim to be Christian but are often sinfully lying and judging making their religion look like a front. If they make it hard for citizens to vote they are hoping their tribe will have a better chance to stay in power.

If they really were Christian they would hold the Biblical “do not judge” command close to heart allowing others to make their own decisions about their bodies and their lives.

They would bring citizens together in loving kindness rather than waving guns and hammers to show how tough they are. They would work together in fairness for the good of all rather than repeatedly and sinfully laying blame and telling lies.

What’s their big motivator? Corporations and the rich legally and secretly give candidates and politicians millions of dollars to pass laws that cut regulations and their taxes all while denying the climate crisis. Big dark money also supports certain news media that spew lies and disinformation.

Let’s come together to support candidates who will work together for quality affordable healthcare, broadband, quality public education, law enforcement and safety, wages that can pay the rent, good options for farmers, and address the climate crisis all in kindness, compassion, and understanding.

Sherry Kutter

Grey Eagle


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