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Letter to the Editor (INH)

To the Editor:

Just want to say I really appreciate Trinity’s comments in the Nov 16 issue of Independent News Herald, and I fully agree with her concerns and desire.

Even though most of my time is here in the Philippines (halfway around the world), when I am there in the USA I do sense that people are not able to discuss their differences with an open mind or with respect for those with varying positions. Also, I sense that with many there is a judgmental and condemning spirit and often with a tone of hatred. Raquel and I had very good friends of an older generation who we considered our second parents. He was a strong Democrat and she a strong Republican, but they were sweet as sweet can be, respecting each other. A few decades ago siblings could discuss their different political views with one another. That does not seem to be the case anymore, as a generalization. What we see among us average citizens seems to be the case among politicians as well. I have a cousin who is a member of the Minnesota House of Representatives. I asked her (a Republican) if there was any dialogue between the Republicans and the Democrats at the capital in Saint Paul when they meet. Not sure of her exact words but it was basically, “None”. I remember during the VP debates a couple of years ago one person in the audience was concerned that there was no dialogue/friendship between the two parties. Mike Pence tried to assure her there was. He mentioned that the two members of the Supreme Court don’t see eye to eye but they have lunch together. My thought was Mike Pence could not give an example of himself with a Democrat or a Republican congressman/congresswoman with a Democrat. He had to go to the Supreme Court to give an example. Spoke kind of loudly to me of the atmosphere of today. Not healthy in my opinion. So Trinity, unfortunately, I agree with what you wrote, and I too pray that we Americans be a little more civil with each other, less judgmental and hateful, and more loving. May we express the kind of love that the members of the Trinity have for each other. Also on another issue, it would be nice if we could be more reasonable and not buy into all the nonsense and one-sidedness one sees in the media. Unfortunately, I also see too much hypocrisy on both sides. I’m tempted to go specifically here, but I’ll leave it for now.

I also agree with you Trinity on the yard signs staying in yards months after an election. It was not that way a few decades ago. What totally amazed me (before I left back for the Philippines a little over a year ago) were the Trump-Pence signs still up even though it was obvious that Trump and Pence no longer had anything to do with each other.

Praying for you Trinity on your new position on the Hewitt City Council.

Though in the Philippines, my heart and roots (going back before 1900) are in the Browerville, Clarissa, Eagle Bend, and the Bertha area. Enjoy the beautiful white Minnesota snow for me. Serious. I miss it. It is either hot and humid here or very hot and humid, 12 months of the year.

Kermit Oliver Titrud



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