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Letter to the Editor (Sun)

To the Editor:

The County Board has started to have monthly work sessions with no motions made. I think they will be very productive and slow down the spending process, with better decisions made.

The first step of the 2023 tax process starts when new property evaluations start to be mailed by March 14. Valuations are determined by actual sales prices. I think the county process is done to be fair and consistent. But like everything else, the state has the final say.

State regulators recently raised rates in Wadena County dramatically. Agriculture and woodlot acres may show an increased valuation from 25 to 50%. That doesn’t mean that taxes will increase (they will) unless the board raises the levy, but at the very least people with “agriculture and wood,” lots will be paying a larger portion of whatever the 2023 levy is.

Also keep in mind that when you do see your actual estimated tax amounts they do not include the solid waste parcel charge which is $60 on any residential parcel with a fire number, and can be much higher on commercial property. Commercial parcel charges can be as high as $5000.

Wadena County finds itself in a similar situation as other low tax base counties. Our taxes are the third highest in the state and I see things coming down the track that may move us up that ranking.

Saving a few dollars here will have little effect on the big picture. I see only a few options to make sure that we aren’t in the same position 20 years down the road.

1. A County Board/coordinator willing to suggest changes and service cuts that may not be popular. And residents that are open to considering them.

2. A change in state funding to address affected counties with low tax bases, that have to comply with more and more state mandates.

3.Lobby for small counties to be absorbed into larger counties....or

4. Continue on as is.

Murlyn Kreklau

District 4 Commissioner



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