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Letters to the Editor (Independent News Herald)

To the Editor:

by Donald D. Fitzgerald (Fitz)

Candidate for City Council

To the voters of Hewitt, Minnesota I say yes I am requesting your votes come November to put me back in the council seat I was forced to leave due to my health. I have fully recovered and according to my doctor am in top notch health way better then I was years ago.

Even though I have not been on the council since 2018, I have been involved with the city of Hewitt government as much as possible including being allowed to maintain the monument I designed and supervised being built in the center of the city and attending meetings as regularly as possible.

Some of the things I accomplished when on the council: I was the designer and orchestrated and supervised the current city office, and got it moved from a small office in the alley to the main street and making it fully modern and easily accessible to everyone.

I led the path to enforce the city ordinances.

A little about my past...I am a Vietnam and Desert Storm veteran. I served 9 years in the Army, 5 ½ straight years of that was spent in Vietnam as a combat medic. I was awarded 5 purple hearts for being wounded in action and awarded the Silver Star for Gallantry in Action along with the Vietnamese Medal of Honor presented to me by then president of Vietnam. I then applied and went into the Pierce County Washington Sheriff’s Department until I was injured in action and medically discharged whereupon I enlisted into the Navy and became a Naval Criminal Investigator for 13 years when I retired from the Military service.

I strongly believe that it is the responsibility of a council member to speak and vote for the people. I have always kept my door/telephone open for anyone who wishes to contact me concerning something they wish to question or request from me as a councilman. I have been known to stop in my vehicle or on my motorcycle when a citizen waves me down regarding a city matter.

I believe I am there for the people and will do my best for them and as before any funds I receive for being on the council will be put back into the city for I do not feel it is proper to accept payment for helping my fellow citizens.

My main goal is to speak for the people and I promise you if elected I will speak and vote for ALL the residents of Hewitt.






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