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Letters to the Editor (Verndale Sun)

To the Editor:

Voters of School District 818, my name is Tyler Fisher and I am asking for your vote, as a write-in candidate, to allow me to serve on the Verndale School Board.

My wife Kelly and I are both graduates of Verndale High School. We currently have three children enrolled in the Verndale School.

I believe, due to the current cultural and economic climate, school board positions are the most impactful and consequential elected offices one can hold at the local level. As we have seen in the past couple of years, many concerned parents and/or local residents are waking up to the fact that we cannot allow our school boards to be governed without oversight and direct involvement from the community. The school board is merely a representative body of the taxpayers, parents and students to which they serve. This is why I believe we should elect people who reflect the morals, values and fiscal priorities of our great community. Although there may be differing opinions on politics at the state and federal level among the members of our community, I believe we have more in common in regards to the way our community views our school.

I will represent a conservative yet open-minded approach to the way we govern the school district. We need a focus on fiscal and social responsibility with a priority to deliver the best education to our students as possible.

We need to remember that the parents are entrusting our school with the future of their children and we are to educate, not indoctrinate.

We need to focus on teaching our children how to think and not what to think. I am confident that our community and the staff at the Verndale School agree that we have a duty to the students, parents and the community to ensure we are methodical, honest and forthright in the way we govern.

I ask for your vote on November 8, so that I may carry forward these qualities and responsibilities into an institution, that I believe, is a cornerstone of our community.

Thank you all for your support and remember to write-in ‘Tyler Fisher’ on November 8 so that we can ensure our school remains the institution of excellence it has been and can continue to be!

Tyler Fisher



To the Editor:

Just recently our area started entertaining political candidates at various forums. This is good for the candidates and good for the voters. Sometimes I wonder if they represent their constituents or just follow their own opinions.

I think that I have voted every year that I could and I recommend that you do the same. Just be sure to study the candidates. We do have a good voting attendance record in this part of Minnesota.

My main reason for writing this editorial is just because I had to. In all my years I have never seen so much controversial, divisive and inconsiderate decisions over so many issues.

Study the issues, read the handouts and evaluate the source. Read the newspapers, listen to the media and then ask yourselves “Does he or she express my values?”

We have become the great country that we are by basing many of our policies and principles upon the established principles of our founders. Maybe they weren’t perfect. They were great and their decisions have stood the test of time.

After being denied their values in several places, they chose to bob around on the rough sea for two months in a small vessel named the Mayflower and establish a colony in the new world. They immediately formed the Mayflower Compact. It was not without challenges but this little boatload of about 100 people would establish a government that would change the world for that time and maybe for all time.

The first great leader was John Carver. He did a good job but died about a year later. He was followed by the great William Bradford who served for many years. They were a praying fellowship with a staunch determination of who they wanted to become.

What really bothers me and many others is the large number of serious issues that we are currently facing. Will our politicians vote the conscience of their constituents or will they wilt to party pressure?

We could talk about issues all day but let’s consider the best person for the job and for our country. That is what I hope—that each candidate and each voter will put our country ahead of party.

I saw an article recently, “What is the best thing you can leave with your children?” The answer was, “The ability to THINK.” I like that.

Clarence Horsager




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