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Looking Back

News from Bertha and Hewitt's Past

25 Years Ago April 12, 1995 Hewitt is over $18,000 in the red for 1994, including just $4000 in delinquent debt service accounts. The city council was informed of the news by representatives from its new auditing firm, Giddings and Associates of Fargo. Part of the cause of the financial shortfall was inadequate budgeting and some unexpected expense last year. Roughly $15,000 was spent on sidewalks and a $10,250 payment was made for the recently completed sewer project, but were not budgeted according to City Clerk Valerie Filbert. ********** Scott Rice, a Bertha-Hewitt senior, was pictured with his “Phantom of the Opera” art project, which has been two years in the making. The chandelier is made of hand-strung beads and Christmas lights. The plaster mask, which fits his face, has 200 layers of paint. The long stem rose is made of clay. The art project will be displayed in the North Country Museum of Art in Park Rapids. 75 Years Ago April 12, 1945 Mr. and Mrs. Albin Swenson received word from the Secretary of War stating their son Pvt. Harvey Swenson had been slightly wounded in Germany. He is in the 79th Garrison serving with the 9th Army. ********** The Campfire Girls will conduct a clothing and rummage sale at the Congregational Church on Saturday, April 14. They will try to sell anything brought to them for a portion of the proceeds.

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