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Looking Back

News from Bertha's and Hewitt's Pasts

25 Years Ago

December 3, 1997

Anyone who has driven through Bertha lately is probably aware of some of the expansion projects that have been occurring in the past few weeks. The most obvious is the BH Transportation building. The new building will be 48’x120’ and will house all ten buses, according to Owner Gary Kleen. The buses had previously been stored in the building adjacent to Diamond Tool. Diamond Tool and Engineering, Inc. started knocking out the cracking cement in the old bus garage in August and poured new cement. Owner Kent Smith explained they are expanding their work area.


Bertha-Hewitt students who were poster winners for American Education Week, a contest sponsored by the B-H Education Association, received a pizza and pop from All Star Service. Winners were: Dakota Aeling, kindergarten; Brittany Kimber, grade 1; John Hartung, grade 2; Maggie Flath, grade 3; Michael Riewer, grade 4; Emma Davenport, grade 5; Jackie Buchholz, grade 6. High school winners were: Laura Freholtz and Andrea Davenport.

75 Years Ago

December 4, 1947

Because of the narrow streets and traffic danger, the village council has determined that the most feasible manner in which to minimize the traffic congestion in the downtown area is to require parallel parking on Second Avenue West from the First National Bank corner to the Domian Memorial Home corner.


Apparently indicating their complete satisfaction with the conduct of the village affairs, a majority of Bertha’s eligible voters failed to exercise their right to vote. Only 93 votes were cast. There was only one office with opposition, E.C. Crippen received 41 votes for village trustee with 29 votes for Fred Dehnel, L.M. Bluhm was re-elected mayor, Wm. Fraune elected trustee and N.F. Crooks was re-elected as constable.


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